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Best Yoga For Lower Back Pain

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Yoga For Lower Back Pain Exercises

If you are just starting out in applying lower back pain exercises don’t make the error in overdoing your workout.

Be sure to start out slowly and at a comfortable level, through consistent practice and knowledge you will gain experience naturally and correctly to reap the rewards of therapeutic Yoga.

Please use caution when dealing with possible medical issues, these exercises are not intended to avoid professional advice in any way, shape, or form.

Yoga For Lower Back Pain Exercises – Reviewing A Few Basic Guidelines:-


The optimum time to set aside for your lower back pain exercises is during the mornings if possible, of course, this depends greatly on your schedule.

Late afternoons or early evening sessions at gyms are also a great way to work out if mornings aren’t possible.


It is best to begin your Yoga routine on an empty stomach, try to limit your consumption of food to 3½ hours before undertaking Yoga therapy, liquids are suggested an hour before.

Avoid heavy foods at all costs as this will severely affect the quality of your Yoga therapy.


To reap the best benefits you should limit your lower back pain exercises about 30 minutes to an hour every day.

As you gain more experience through lower back pain exercises then by all means feel free to use your best judgment.

Increases in length should be implemented slowly and with caution, any unusual or prolonged pain should be addressed immediately.


Proper workout attire for lower back pain exercises should consist of loose-fitting shorts, sweat suits, or comfortable Yoga bodysuits such as Dan skin which are made from natural fibers such as cotton or silk.

For both women and men, undergarments should always be worn for comfortable support and excessive sweating.

Another accessory to include is a highly absorbent towel for wiping down.


If you decide to practice lower back pain exercises at home rather than a fitness center or gym it is desirable to select an open, clean, and brightly lit area.

To avoid any distractions turn off or lower your phone if at all possible avoid family issues during your workout.

Remember, this is time you should set aside for yourself to practice successful Yoga sessions.


Subliminal music or sound effects can be very beneficial for meditation during Yoga and is very much encouraged.

Therapeutic music greatly enhances your spiritual and physical well being, this is especially useful for beginners since the focus will be more on the sounds instead of other possible distractions.


Hardwood flooring or other suitable hard surfaces should be selected for lower back pain exercises but, make sure to always use a Yoga mat or cushion.

Many of these necessities are now manufactured with Eco-Friendly materials which are recommended by experts.

These are specifically designed to prevent sliding on surfaces or slipping by users thus avoiding accidents while undergoing Yoga exercises.

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Yoga For Lower Back Pain Exercises – The Cobra Pose

We begin with a position known as the “Cobra”, this is one of the lower back pain exercises specifically designed for your spinal health.

This focuses on the lower back muscles to be massaged which in turn also builds up your spine.

Begin by laying down (face to the floor) place your arms on each side of your body.

You should then bring your hands up and place them under each shoulder with your palms on the floor.

Take a deep breath as you raise your head and use your arms to lift your upper body into the air.

The lower section of your body should not move, make sure to keep your hips firmly in place.

You will then fully exhale and inhale a few times at which time you raise your hips and extend your arms.

You must hold this posture as you breathe several more times, at your 4th or 5th exhale begin lowering your body to the floor.

Make your prior movements in reverse as you feel your vertebrates flexing for maximum benefit.

Once your head is back on the floor you need to repeat this posture at least 3 times.

You can increase your lower back pain exercises over time.

Yoga For Lower Back Pain Exercises – The Corpse Pose

This Yoga pose can be utilized as a part of a recovery mode from a strenuous session.

This posture is a very simple but effective technique to apply.

The “Corpse” is just as it’s named, start by laying on your back spreading your arms and legs apart with your palms up.

Relax your mind and body completely pretending that you’re dead to release your tension and stress.

Do this yoga pose for 10 to 15 minutes before moving on to the next exercise.

Yoga For Lower Back Pain Exercises – Final Closing Thoughts

These two Yoga poses are just the start in implementing your Yoga therapy.

As you get more accustomed to working with the above techniques you can then expand your horizons through more advanced lower back pain exercises.

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