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What is the kundalini yoga…?

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Kundalini Yoga

What is the Kundalini yoga Let us know about it?

There are many types of yoga, and sometimes it may be impractical to try them all, however experiencing some main branches, including Kundalini yoga, will give you a fuller clasp of yoga’s real meaning and benefits.

Likely, Kundalini yoga is a little different from other practices. Most types of yoga focus on the body’s poses, combined with meditation exercises and breathing.

While Kundalini yoga concerns itself with poses and forms, it gives more emphasis on chanting, breathing, and releasing special energy we all sometimes possess yet disregarded.

What is the Kundalini Yoga Practice...?

Normally, Kundalini yoga consists of a number of expressive movements and utterances, bodily postures, character logical cultivation, degrees of concentration, and breathing patterns.

Nevertheless, none of these postures and movements should be considered mere stretching exercises or gymnastic exercises.

Some Kundalini Yoga Techniques

Accordingly, most Kundalini yoga techniques include cross-legged positions, the positioning of the spine which is usually straight, the use of mantras, different methods to control the breath, mental focus, and closed eyes.

Hence, despite some medical issues on some techniques used, they are still not meant to be a substitute for medical care and advice.

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What is the Kundalini yoga 7 chakras?

What is the Kundalini yoga

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga can really help you mentally and physically. In fact, it can be very helpful in so many ways because with Kundalini Yoga:

  • Your health often improves
  • you can have the lighter and more energetic feeling
  • your mind becomes restful
  • The diseases of your body and mind can be gradually eliminated once the Kundalini is awakened.
  • You can achieve more peace and mental control
  • you can become more creative and can develop a profound understanding of nature
  • You can experience inner joy.
  • You become a stronger individual and a more complete person who can function in adverse circumstances with great poise.
  • You can encounter total reality, the absolute truth, and knowledge of your own self.
  • It raises your awareness
  • It develops your willpower
  • Clarifies your mind
  • Hones your creativity
  • It brings positivity and mental peace
  • It can increase your lifespan

Significant Kundalini Yoga Reminders

When engaged to Kundalini Yoga it is important to always remember some points like the following:

As more heat develops in your body, remember to go a little slow on the exercises for some days.

There may be tingling sensations in the spinal column, palms of the hands or soles of the feet.

This is due to energy rising and free circulation that leads to the opening of sleeping charkas. You should not be too upset as it will gradually become less and less.

Negative thoughts and desires in order to express violent emotions are just part of the energy rising and cleansing process, and so there is nothing to worry about.

However, you need to control and practice the Yamas and niyamas strictly.

Kundalini Awakening: Kundalini & Sahaja Yoga

Do you know why Kundalini Awakening, Kundalini, and Sahaja Yoga are always interrelated? It’s because Kundalini and Sahaja Yoga are normally part of awakening the Kundalini itself.

The Kundalini actually lies dormant until it is awakened during self-realization.

By definition, self-realization is an awakening of the Kundalini through the central channel, which pierces through the six chakra above the sacrum bone and emerges at the top of the head.

What’s the Role of Kundalini in Self Realization?

The Kundalini knows everything about you, all your thoughts, all your problems. Hence, it’s actually been with you all your life.

It certainly wants to help you connect with all the permeating power of God’s love through Kundalini awakening or self-realization.

The Kundalini consists of many strands of energy. The more we meditate, the stronger our chakra and the central channel become and the more energy strands arise.

And when we meditate during Kundalini Yoga and become thoughtless our Kundalini rises and begins to clear any blockages we may have on our chakra.

Hence, the Kundalini knows exactly which of our chakra are blocked and informs us through our central nervous system on our fingertips which of our chakra are actually blocked.

Each of our individual fingertips corresponds to a particular chakra. And if any chakra is blocked, the Kundalini works on that blocked area until it is cleaned.

Hence, this is when the real essence of yoga is finally achieved.

Sahaja Yoga When It Comes to Self Realization

Looking back on its origins, Sahaja Yoga was created in 1970 by SRI Mataji Nirmala Devi and has been spread all around the world since then.

It is now practiced in more than 85 countries by thousands of people worldwide.

Sahaj Yoga is an exceptional method of meditation based on Kundalini awakening that can occur in every human being.

With this kind of Yoga, an inner change takes place by which one becomes united, balanced, and integrated.

Is Kundalini Awakening Safe?

Generally, the Kundalini is protected by the center of innocence. This

The area produces effects in the nervous system when someone tries to use unacceptable and unauthorized techniques, such as tantric methods to awaken the Kundalini.

In fact, you may have heard or read about some people who experience complications associated with raising the Kundalini.

These are all the consequences of using improper techniques to raise the Kundalini.

However, this can all be easily upturned and corrected by raising the Kundalini properly by Self Realization in various forms of Yoga such as Kundalini and Sahaja Yoga.

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