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What is hot yoga benefits

Benefits of Hot Yoga

What is hot yoga benefits? People who have heard about Bikram Yoga will ask about the benefits of hot yoga. Hot yoga (Bikram Yoga) differs from other forms of yoga in the sense that you practice in a hot and humid room.

The temperature of the room is kept at around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 38 degree Celsius) and humidity at around 40. This facilitates heating of your body.

This hot condition is beneficial to your body as your body is already warmed up.

You can stretch more freely and without worrying about injuries. That is one of the several benefits of hot yoga.

You can perform the asanas or yoga postures for your own benefit. You will improve your physical stamina, balance, and strength.

All this happens because you can easily perform any pose.

The ability to perform yoga poses freely opens several benefits of hot yoga.

  • It improves range of motion. You will start stretching your body in ways you never thought possible. This is common for all forms of yoga. However, hot yoga makes the transition faster.

  • It facilitates blood circulation at cellular levels. Since you move your body and stretch it in all directions, blood circulation shows a natural improvement – to all parts of the body. Your internal and external organs get more blood circulation.

  • The benefits of hot yoga also include more oxygen to your organs. Since you practice breath control, the efficiency of your breathing improves. This facilitates a better intake of oxygen and better transportation of oxygen to all parts of the body.

  • Continuing on better oxygen intake, hot yoga also facilitates faster elimination of carbon dioxide. It is a toxic gas. Your body will be in a better position to eliminate carbon dioxide.

  • It also facilitates the elimination of other toxins. Several toxins accumulate in different parts of our body. There are toxins like unwanted minerals, fat deposits, unwanted proteins, etc. Hot yoga releases toxins fast.

  • The release of toxins from the body improves the body’s immune system. Your body will be less prone to diseases like the common cold, headache, etc.

  • One of the several benefits of hot yoga is the fast development of muscle tone. You will develop strong and shapely muscles fast.

  • Hot yoga causes a lot of sweating. This sweating is not bad. You just take enough water to see them sweating. Once you see the sweating, you will get a sense of achievement. It also relaxes your mind. Most importantly, it will also help you focus on one thing at a time, which carries over to other areas of life.


Like everything else in life, you must be knowledgeable about your condition before attempting hot yoga.

While there is nothing wrong with hot yoga itself, your conditions can lead to complexities.

Don’t start hot yoga if you are a newbie to yoga. Don’t practice hot yoga if you are pregnant.

In addition, listen to the hot yoga teachers who advise you to just sit out a few sessions to get used to the hot and humid conditions.

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