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lower back pain in pregnancy

Lower Back Pain In Pregnancy

Staying happy and confident throughout your pregnancy period is a must. Because the good news is you are going to give birth to a new life.

It’s not so easy…

It is only the women who can understand what she has been through while giving birth to a child. Thus, there are physical changes that take a lot to stay confident. And one of the most suffering body parts is the back of the women.

Reasons which can cause lower back pain in pregnancy

The primary factors which cause sharp lower back pain during pregnancy or period are the hormonal changes and the excessive growth of uterus and loosening of uterus walls.

Lower back pain in pregnancy is not any disorder or any problem for which one should worry too much.

Back pain in pregnancy in the second trimester is a widespread phenomenon that every pregnant woman faces.

In a rare case, sharp lower back pain pregnancy turns worse due to performing restricted and prohibited actions or exercises.

With the expansion of the uterus, there are a lot of physical changes that take place parallel to it.

The center of gravity of the body gets imbalanced which affects the body posture by the expansion of uterus as it tensile out the abdominal muscles.

Ligament attached to the pelvic bones to the spine used to get relaxed, and the joints loosen due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

A woman may feel inactive or lack of energy because immunity breakdown is regular during pregnancy.

So women are always advised to have proper rest and regular exercise when they are pregnant. Women should perpetually avoid sitting or standing for a long time.

Jumping and doing stairs is profoundly denied by doctors when a woman is pregnant.

It’s never to worry or get nervous:

More of the 70% of pregnant women face lower back pain in pregnancy.

Mostly the lower back pain occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy, but there is nothing to worry about if you are suffering from lower back pain in early pregnancy.

Women’s having a sedentary way of life, lesser body flexibility, and have weaker back, or abdominal muscles face more ‘back pain during pregnancy’.

Even carrying twins will be naturally severe and more painful than an ordinary case.

Types of lower back pain during pregnancy:

1. Lumbar back pain in pregnancy

This kind of lower back pain is very typical to the usual pain which women face even before pregnancy or during menstruation cycle(periods).

Lumbar back pain takes place in the Lumbar vertebrae area of the lower back nearby spine around the waist. This can be more severe than any other “lower back pain in pregnancy” in women.

Lumbar back pain can be radiated to your legs from start to the end of the day and the situation can go worst at the end of the day.

Avoid sitting and standing for an extended period and must avoid lifting and bending to reduce the sharp back pain during pregnancy.

2. Posterior pelvic lower back pain in early pregnancy

It occurs in the rear pelvic region. The posterior pelvic pain is only experienced during pregnancy. The lower body part which includes lower back thighs and hips faces the torture or agony when suffering from Posterior lower back pain in pregnancy.

The primary causes of the posterior “lower back pain in pregnancy” second trimester are climbing stairs, sitting in and out of a small chair, lifting, and twisting during pregnancy.

To lessen the effect of pain women should never lean forward while sitting on a chair. They should avoid lifting a heavyweight of more than 1-3 kg.

What must-do if lower back pain continues during pregnancy:

Lower back pain in pregnancy

1. Avoid Smoking

Smoking can cause you osteoporosis of the spine and many other bone problems. Osteoporosis can also lead you to disc displacement and fractures of the spine.

A recent survey by organ surgeon proved that smokers more commonly face problems of lower back pain during pregnancy in comparison to a non-smoker.

So it is highly recommended by doctors and experts not to smoke at all and even to be a passive smoker.

2. Take a balanced diet

Consuming a non-balanced diet can cause a lot of diseases. But a low carbohydrate diet can cause many joint pains whether it is acute arthritis joint or long-standing (chronic).

So have a diet chart prepared by a professional dietitian to stay healthy and to give birth to a healthy baby.

3. Be aware of sciatica pregnancy

When a herniated or bulging disk in the lower region of the spinal cord takes place, it is known as to be Sciatica.

It is very common to posterior pelvic pain, but if it goes worst, then women should urgently meet her doctor and have a routine check to be performed.

So she may have an on-time treatment to ease the lower back pain during pregnancy.

Legs will be throbbing more than lower back in case of sciatica, and usually, its sensation is tingling and like pins and needles are hitting skin from inside.

Be sure if even your genitals and groin are feeling the numbness. Sciatica can also create problems like burning and itching while urinating.

So if a woman is facing the above symptoms, then it is highly recommended to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Now some easy ways to treat lower back pain in pregnancy or period:

1. Give a wide berth to pills

Every one of you may practice consuming medicines like a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID); such as ibuprofen naproxen (Aleve) (Motrin, Advil) which can help you in getting relief in a short time.

But it is a bit of advice to avoid this kind of medicine because they can cause heart problems or gastrointestinal problems. So never consume such drugs for more than ten days when you are pregnant.

2. Have a glance at your feet

Pronation (people whose feet roll inwards while walking) is the primary cause of lower back pain in pregnancy.

Orthotics can treat it and before you go for custom made slides. You can try an off the rack model produced by many brands.

3. Do think of your mattress

Some studies suggested after watching for years that people sleeping on the less firm mattress are very common to have lower back pain. So change your bed if it’s not right or old then think to change it.

4. Walking and sleeping schedule

Early wake and an early bed is the master key to safer and good health, by doing so, your body can have proper rest and would be easily able to do it recovery process in a healthy manner.

5. Chinese theory

Acupuncture is a much better option than consuming pills. The needles may change the way your nerves respond and reduce inflammation near your joints.

So can try it if you are facing an early lower back problem during pregnancy.

If your body is still painful after the delivery of the child then also you can try acupuncture.

6. Exercise

The only universal solution for every disorder or disease.

So there are a lot of exercises like weight training,
stretching, swimming, walking, and pelvic tilts, etc, which can reduce the problem of lower back pain during pregnancy.

Before practicing any exercise, every pregnant woman must consult a physician and dietitian.

7. Go cold and hot

Yes, it is the supernatural cure to get relief from sharp back pain during pregnancy and any joint or bone displacement pain.

Use a packed packet of hard ice to rub over the grief area for 20 minutes for two to three days in sessions.

And after this switch to hot pad sessions. Ice performs shut downing of capillaries and reduces blood flow to the area which heals the pain, and on the other hand hot pad allows to loosen the tight muscle and increase blood circulation for more oxygen.

Lower back pain early pregnancy

Lower back pain in pregnancy

Lower back pain early pregnancy is a common problem facing the majority of pregnant women.

Pain occurs as a result of the body changes during pregnancy period. However, this should be avoided as much early as possible.

Around 50% to 80% of pregnant women are suffering Lower back pain during pregnancy period. Back pain can be experienced due to the bodily changes in early pregnancy.

some serious pregnancy complications also can cause lower back pain in early pregnancy.

Causes of lower back pain in early pregnancy

  • Why back pain in early pregnancy?
  • Is lower back pain early pregnancy normal?

These are the questions most of the pregnant women are asking. Lower back pain may start on the first day itself. Due to the loosening of the ligaments on the back can cause back pain in early pregnancy.

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Physiological changes are the main cause of lower back pain in the first trimester. Usually, this appears by the 11th week of pregnancy, which is the start of the Second Trimester.

During this period the uterus will become large to remain in the lower abdomen to move into the abdominal cavity.

Because of the rapid growth of the uterus, the supportive ligaments get transformed and stretched. This will make discomfort in the lower back of pregnant women.

Increased the level of progesterone hormone also can cause ‘lower back pain in early pregnancy’.

In term of the serious cause of the lower back pain which is affecting in early pregnancy is unsafe too. Pregnant women are always susceptible to diseases.

The mother’s organism is restructured that declines immunity. So, the risk of acquiring diseases during pregnancy is very high.

When to call your Doctor?

Mild back pain in early pregnancy is common. This is not an issue to call your doctor immediately.

But you should be careful and call your doctor or healthcare provider if you are experiencing these symptoms.

  • Sever Back pain
  • Rhythmic Cramping pains (This is a sign of preterm labor)
  • Dark discharge
  • Nagging pain in the lower back
  • Sometimes severe back pain may be associated with osteoporosis, septic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. In case this may be rare, but you can consult with your doctor.

A pregnant woman requires enough sleep and rest during the pregnancy period.

She should avoid stress and nervous strain, otherwise, this may lead to severe back pain.

Exercise is the best way to relieve the “lower back pain early pregnancy”. Some kind of massage technique applies to pregnant women in these exercises.

However, If the back pain continuous, that will affect their normal life. Physiotherapy is advisable by a doctor if the back pain persists for a long time.


Never work for a long time continuously.

People who don’t chase extreme ministration tend to have fewer hitch than the people who end up rushing into x rays, MRIs, narcotics, epidural injections, and even spine surgery long before it’s genuinely mandatory.

According to research mostly all kinds of back pains can be resolved within six weeks after proper precautions and treatment, Whether the pain is due to some injury or some medical disability or due to pregnancy.

So, try these all steps to get rid of your lower backache if the pain doesn’t vanish even after the delivery of the child.

Also if you are not getting relief from “lower back pain in pregnancy” you must consult with your doctor.

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